Social media is a great tool if used timely. Its reach to encompass the entire globe if certain parameters are set correctly. One such setting is "scheduled content". That is, you create content now and it will publish it at a later date automatically. It is a great tool in case you have time and idea right now, but you are not so sure about getting opportunity later on. So go ahead, create a post and set timer. We will show you how to do it.

Freelancers and entrepreneurs have a tricky time in managing ever increasing tasks - projects, deadlines, clients' frequent instructions, vendors' uncalled demands etc

We live in the digital era of information targeted at us whether we like it or not. That easily hampers with our planning and bring down our effectiveness. Naturally, we lose on most important tasks and slowly the backlog piles up, increasing our mental stress. For the breed of freelancers, it is extremely important to come around with novel ideas to manage the tasks at bolting speed.

We are creative designers and developers. We create something every day. Either to keep ourselves engaged or to finish clients' commissioned projects. We as the website designing firm often work with both aspects of development and creativity. There are many ways to do this task. Either through strong creative instinct or from external inspiration from someones' work. In this series, we shall focus on how to create own design with terrific output. By design, graphic design or website layout is meant. Lets begin step by step. 

Color Selection

Colors play a major role in attracting visitors' attention. When colors are balanced, well toned with other aspect of design, that will automatically make a decision oriented impact in visitor or viewer's mind. Minimal color tones are latest trend in 2019 and will remain so in the coming year. You should take this aspect in mind and find out best color options for clients' project.

Client's input can help you in building block of color components and the business look and feel could be the best choice to start with. For example, Airtel has color red written all over it. So is their business branding and social media promotion. The prominent color is red for them. Similarly, you got to take such minute aspect in mind while deciding working color for client's work.

Check link for selecting colors. htmlcolorcodes


Lately Google and other such font providers have come up with good quality of fonts that are gorgeous and legible on any device. There are separate fonts for content, headings, banners, sales promotions, calligraphy, etc. One can be spoilt for choice and on top of that most of them are free to download or can be bought at a very nominal price. The deciding factor is the compatibility with project file. And of course gelling well with the colors is of prime importance. Check few links for fonts. fontsquirrelfontspace

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